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today. guess who says he's ready to go back and represent our country? steve: the guy in the hat. constitution, who needs one? look how easy it was to get these people to sign away their second amendment rights. >> we're going to repeal the second amendment and take the guns away from the crazy right-wing white extremists and just make sure that only the illegal unregistered guns stay on the streets. thank you so much. steve: unfortunately it gets worse from there. we'll detail what happened in california. brent: -- brian:what if you had seconds to save your life when you go into the water. we sent anna kooiman into the water to see how she kept herself ahraoeufplt "fox & friends" starts right now. steve:you're looking at one of the vice presidents of the i.r.s. he's in our green room. he's doing some taxes. if you've got questions about -- if you're one of those people who wait until the last minute -- and there are a lot of you out there -- hang around because we've got some tips. and if you've got a question, e-mail us at we'll try to help you and maybe sa
are live with brand-new developments overnight. >>steve: police and bomb squads working through the night to try to figure out what happened already have at least one lead. a saudi student being called a person of interest today, plus a search of a home in revere, massachusetts. we've got the latest. >>brian: when most people ran away from the explosion, these guys ran into the explosion. the national guard heroes who were there to watch and make sure nothing went wrong but put their lives on the line when something did go wrong. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: welcome to a special edition of "fox & friends" on this tuesday morning. megyn joins us. thanks very much, big day. >>megyn: got up early. unfortunately there is plenty to cover. want to get to the news in our fox news alert. >>steve: we've got new chilling video taken by a runner that catches the incredible force of the first blast. here he is, the finish line is up there. >>brian: running for four hours. >>steve: and then this happened. [sound of explosion] >> some thought it was some sort of celebratory fire work. but then
are injured and the death toll right now is unknown. >>steve: fox news has confirmed f.b.i. has clear photographs of two suspects in the boston marathon bombing. we're going to tell you what we know this morning. >>brian: we have a picture. and a mississippi man arrested for sending poison-laced letters to the president of the united states and other lawmakers on capitol hill. all of these stories right now. >>gretchen: first that fox news alert from texas. terror as a massive blast rips through a fertilizer plant near waco, texas. the horrifying moment caught on cell phone video. >> are you okay? >> i can't hear. get out of here. please get out of here. >> oh my god! >>gretchen: the fire explosion leveling dozens of homes and businesses within an eight to ten-block radius. here's what we know so far this morning. police believe 5 to 15 people may be dead. three to five volunteer fire fighters are missing. more than 160 others have been hurt. >>brian: after the fire comes an explosion. almost within two hours of the fire. and people instinctively go there. it's a small town. many peop
told coach severt and steve young just now in my office i paced five yards back in my office all day long and at home. just to relive that possibility that occurred this past super bowl. and that just reflects the excitement that we have with the super bowl bid. and now, today, it is my privilege to co-announce with everyone here two people that are additional fire power to our super bowl bid committee. george sefert and steve young don't need introduction but i love talking about them with the past 9ers. the coach led the 9ers to two supervisor victoris in 90 and 95. and he brought his own 49ers legacy because during had time as i remember, the 49ers earned the best defense team in the whole nation that was a wonderful, wonderful achievement and it continues with that legend, so coach, thank you for bringing your winning record and your wonderful great name to help us win another super bowl, super bowl bid for super bowl 50 or 51 for the bay area. and coach, partner in 1995 was, of course, the legendary, hall of famer, famous quarterback steve young who threw a record 6 touchdown pa
and steve lewis, we have some firepower to the committee in the form of world champions and hall of famer and folks that have taken over part of 10 percent of super bowls and we can't thank you enough for taking this on. we hand off our final package. the one thing i want to realize is that this is a community effort. it's not just about san francisco, santa clara, san jose. it's about the entire region coming together. the reason i took on this goal is that we have amazing things had -- happening in our community and we are going to highlight these in the next six weeks and i'm also highlighting things that are not yet great. we have 1.2 million people who are too poor to meet their basic needs. what we are going to do by bringing the greatest game to the region is we are going to make this for the entire good of the community and that is why it's going to be the most impactful super bowl bid and super bowl nfl this nation has ever seen. with that i'm going to turn it over to mayor lee. >> good morning. daniel, thank you again for your wonderful leadership for aheading up our bay area
tested by the military. >>steve: in washington, d.c. an envelope filled with deadly poison mailed to a u.s. senator that stopped the mail in washington. >>brian: at least the victim of -- one of the victims of the boston bombing looking for the hero who saved her life and brought her through a tough time by telling her his story. the miss steer kwrus tyler comes forward -- the miss miss -- mysterious tyler comes forward after a plea from the governor. >>gretchen: good to be back. i was on an airplane and could not get back to the east coast. glad to be back. >>steve: yesterday talking about what we knew fact-wise. now the stories are coming out, and there are amazing stories concerning heroism and what we know regarding the bomb. >>brian: the bomb and the bomber as people scramble to find out who did this to stop the next one. >>gretchen: brand-new details on boston. we have live team coverage for you. heather nauert on the latest with the f.b.i. search. first let's look at the remains of the bomb. >> good morning. we are getting more information about the bomb, but still investigators h
. so did someone somewhere drop the ball? joining me, steve, a former assistant director of the fbi, number three guy at the fbi, who also served as chief of the fbi's counterterrorism section, had 27 years with the fbi. so we're honored to speak with you today, steve. you're a great guest to have on this. >> thanks, megyn. >> of course, there's going to be monday morning quarterbacking on this. the fbi got this guy, ultimately got this guy and the brother within five days of the attack. but we have to take a hard look back and find out why they didn't have him on a watch list. they didn't know more about him. >> absolutely. >> and why they would have closed a file on a guy who, according to steve emerson, three years ago, which would have been prior to 2011, started posting radical jihadist type videos on his youtube channel. >> well, let say this, as the former chief of counterterrorism. to get the kind of information that's being talked about now in relation to this individual, is an extremely common occurrence. it happens not ten times a week, but hundreds of times. you get frag
'll have steve, mike, and sabrina and john and morgan. mike, who has it right? >> the consumers have it right. going back to 2007 before the last bubble burst, consumers were on it and confidence had started to fall and the stock market took until october to realize. consumers have it right. cheap prices and money is raising stock prices but making consumirs poor. >> steve, these are the data points. retail sales are lowest in nibe months and consumer confidence is down. who has it right? the market hit for the 14th time it hit a record. >> the market has it right. you can have a good market in a economy. it is not good. company corporate earnings are up and they haven't paid it out in dividends and you have a peculliar situation. dividends are higher than bond yield and so the market is not a bull market only because of the dollars going down in value. you can have both. but in real terms the market is also punked. >> you wonder if the blue sky crowd is too much in control. companies like the gap, you know, banana republic all saying, we are not seeing the retailers. some in governm
to make of that. international terror expert steve emmerson joins us right after the break on that. >> operator to ucc. >> possible device at 671, possible device. >> fbi and state police and # >> well, emerging from the horrors of yesterday's bomb are incredible compassion. and to make things easier not coming days. new england patriots lineman carrying a wounded woman to get her some help. he was greeting runners near the finish line when the blast went off and he rushed in to help. and this, as airlines at boston's logan international airport waived fees for travelers forced to change their flight plan after people around the world poured in for the city's famous marathon. good for them. and well, as you heard katherine hairage report, there were no warnings of any kind leading up to these bombings, but that does not rule out international involvement. and the recent version of propaganda magazine calls for this style of attacks by loners, lone sympathizers, is this something that investigators are looking at right now? the founder of the investigative terrorism, steve, they re
-- the ceo has to go. i guess but i will start with you both agree that steve ballmer gravitas to go? who would go in his place? >> there are all types of tech heavyweights their art executive search firms to interview the top 10 people. maybe sanjay get used to be at motorola. there are plenty around. steve ballmer is wonderful but execution has been less than stellar with a six-point to billion dollar writeoff thank goodness they did not do the yahoo deal and accolades to jerry gain for resisting that. >>. cheryl: ron johnson is available what do you say? >> to have an executive with experience in technology to see a little bit around corners not anybody right in the wing to make a great internal candidate but there should be a lot out there are. cheryl: let's talk about what you disagree about. one of the problems is the decline of pcs sales attributable to the tavern sales that are picking up. do you think those will be another issue with earnings from microsoft? >> gradually it will be an emerging issue but it speaks to the need for microsoft ago when a to present into a mobile platf
.com sports writer steve silva. he recorded that video we just showed you at the start of the show. steve, thanks for coming on the show. steve? >> hello? >> i'm trying to connect with steve but we are watching the video. the seen, an absolute out of nowhere attack. no information on what was the cause of the attack, no calls or threats. we are witnessing with someone would not imagine at the boston marathon and nbc contributor, mining barnicle, mike? >> reverend? >> no one knows that city better than you, mike. today is patriot's day in boston for people around the country. that's the day schools are closed there. they celebrate the lexington and concord that day. tell us what this means in the context of this horrific act, mike. >> well, reverend, patriot's day in boston is the day when they have a red sox baseball game that begins at 11:00 on the morning, monday morning, patriot's day, today. the marathon goes off simultaneously with the red sox game being played. you'll get 35,000 people spilling out of fenway park, which is about six city blocks from the finish line on boylston stree
are driving on the peninsular highway 101 and 280, that traffic does look good. let's go to steve. >> more spring snowstorms, and in calistoga 39 and look at lakeport, a breeze in the 50s and most locations are seeing 35 and at the napa airport 32. san francisco 57 and the wind is turning more northerly, north at fairfield, northwest oakland at fso, calm conditions in moffett. 38 in ukiah in breeze there. sun screen day an extra hold and windy and warmer. sunny for all and a north wind kicks in, 70s for many and upper of oz, and -- 60s and we will level it off friday and saturday, we could get into a few upper 80s, we'll see. >> all right, steve, thank you very much. it is a case of high tech sabotage. the continuing look at a pain page substation. -- pg&e substation. >>> and we have information about the subject which is especially upsetting, we will explain. >>> we will have more coming up on your bay area weather and forecast. . >>> just before 2:00 a.m. she was laid to rest at st. paul's cathedral. they had some representatives from the obama administration, queen a elizabeth and her h
fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you very much. thank you for coming, everybody. everybody, welcome to "family feud". i'm your man, steve harvey. and you know what, we got another good one for you today. great family, returning for the second day out of boston, mass., it's the tracey family. [cheering and applause] and from union city, georgia, it's the howard family. [cheering and applause]
around the bay. as you can see for yourself it is windy out there and steve will be here to tell us about the wind and he has some news about it later today but drivers just be careful. i heard a ch about an advisory for the dumbarton bridge so we will get to the bottom of that and see if chp has issued any advisories. let's look at the bay bridge traffic, they are getting into san francisco with no major problems and if you are driving in san jose, traffic is moving a long relative live well now. the bay bridge, i should mention chp says they have issued a wind advisory for drivers on the bay bridge. 4:39 let's go to steve. >>> wind advisory let's start at 11:00 a.m., they are dealing with a tiny bit of light rain, this will not be as bad as the system we had a week ago. it is all associated with that system. it has given us a little bit of drizzle. it is the coolest day for the week but not for a while. they have settled into upper 60s and lower 50s. most of the california days are sunny and breezy but the rain does not show up on radar. here is some of that in morgan hills. santa cruz
's windy as tara has been mentioning. all of us have been on wind patrol. steve and i especially. the traffic will be okay. this morning's commute is all right in the south bay. we see the road sensors. not too much slow traffic. 85 near highway 17. steve, today, it will be windy. >> sal, our best tony bruno. it's outrage. >> that's right. >> it will be. we had a little bit of light rain last night. that's gone. now still some partly cloudies around. here comes the cold air. this will be the coolest day by a long shot. the wind picks up a little bit later. our system that came by, not a lot to it but a little bit up in the sierra nevada. it's moving fast. it will be out of the picture. wind advisories out at 11:00. the chp has issued some for the bridges. that's different from what the weather service is issuing. system is not that cold per say, but for this time of year, it definitely has a billion chill in the atmosphere. it's rather dynamic. does not hold a lot of moisture. coolest day of the week will rebound by the time we get to wednesday. but the wind will pick up. not eve
to a good start. let's go to steve. >>> sal, thank you. very good morning. clear skies. a little bit of a westerly breeze. the fog is out there but it's not on the coast yet. it will be slightly cooler near the beaches today. 40s and 50s on the lows. the breeze is really tailed off. temperatures yesterday warmed up. now away from the coast it will still be very mild to warm. weak little system moving in. it's not weak for us it's strong up to the north. and that will allow slight cool down today. still rather mild. slight westerly breeze. 60s and 70s and 80s. sunny and warm. probably not as warm as yesterday but it will be close unless you are by the coast. temperatures will come down just by the mere fact there will if a westerly breeze. 60s and 70s coast and bay. we are getting set into that summertime pattern. it looks like you are near the coast nice, but a little cooler inland. sunny and warm. everything says sunshine and warmer weather. especially next week. >>> quite a different picture in other parts of the country. snow and flooding in the midwest is being blamed for two dea
's moving along very well. steve. >> sal? >> i hear you have fans out there. >> pam, whom should i say hello to? >> maryland. >> she has good news out there were it looks very good out there. >>> sfo west at nine. system to the north has turned the wind direction. 40s on the temps. napa is 42. that is cool for some. not bad for others. low 50s. hayward is in there. oakland and san francisco at 50. the fog is out there but it's not on the coast. this system there is plowing in. that is strong for the pacific northwest. that will knock the high pressure down a little bit today. it will be a nice day but there is a westerly component. it will be a little cooler coast and bay. some patchy fog might play into the forecast tonight and saturday. sunny and warm but a little cooler by the coast. temperatures we lose that north wind or north easterly breeze. so 60s upper 60s and 70s around the bay. and upper 70s and low 80s inland. again it's like we get a 20- degree spread sometimes. it's that time of year and pattern. a little cooler saturday and we have sunshine and warmer weather for next week. >>
15th, it is tax day and i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, steve is talking about wind today. >> wind is taxes and most people don't like that wind, most people are saying, i hate that wind but it is kicking up its heels officially we have a wind advisory and the strongest gusts will come through and it will be mostly sunny and in the 60s, here is sal. >>> traffic continues to move along well driving past the lit windy and as steve has mentioned, it will get windier, metering lights are on soon, let's go back to a tee lay. >>> this is breaking news we have been following and sheriff's deputies say an early morning attack may be tied to violent street gangs which happened on story road, here is new information, janine? >> reporter: we just learned that the victim was actually shot in the back of the head originally they thought he was stabbed originally they told him this but they checked with medical staff and he is going to be okay, he is still conscious. they called 911 after hearing gunshots in the neighborhood and they heard gunshots but no victim. after about an hour the
and it is a very nice looking drive, let's go to steve. >>> well, thank you, a little system is producing some light snow and it is still hanging around the picture which will give us a breezy day. there are signs of a northshore wind and 20s up in the mountains and it is a chilly air mass in place which actually had two pieces to it. it is a chilly brisk morning and one came by had some very light rain and we had some clouds coming in breezy and warmer and today that breeze is turning more east. there is one little low left and it looks like off and on showers kirkwood, bear valley and you can see it is coming from the east going towards the west and a sign of the upper air pattern is changing. 33 calistoga, and there is no doubt about a chill in the morning air. 35 at the airport, san jose 40s on the peninsular. 45 in half-moon bay, i saw 27 in chuckky. 38 eureka and the days are longer and the air gets modified, sunny breezy after a very chilly morning. a lot of 60s, more so, a few low 70s on the temperatures and i will keep these here and start a warmup and that system ejects out and that
into mobile and steve jobs at one of our conferences in california the last -- >> rose: he spoke -- >> before he passed away he said it's like cars and trucks. there was a lot of emphasis in the early days of the auto industry according to him on trucks for agriculture less emphasis on cars for just people who travel and then it flips around and he said the p.c. is the truck. it's always going to be there. it's not going to go away but fewer and fewer people are going to rely on it fewer and fewer times during their week compared to the mobile devices. >> rose: because they can do everything on mobile. >> not everything but 80%. >> rose: what can't they do? >> it's the internet of things. these things react with you in a physical world. u'reomeone somewherendse a map. when's the last time you pulled out a map or didn't use a phone for -- used a map. these are becoming health care devices. you pit it in you're and it shows you a picture inside of you're. >> it was an iphone, attachment to the iphone. >> heart monitors. you here in a store, google is taking pictures of insides of stores so it b
fremont. let's go to steve. >>> clear skies. for some, it's cold, cold morning. for others it's mild to warm. all dependent on wind and wind direction. any northeast wind it's balmy to mild. otherwise there could be a cold, westerly breeze. it will be sunny and it will be sunny for a while. i just heard from kelly up in bridgeport, 7100-foot level. still snowing. snow has to be light. not much left and reno, 30 degrees. 30 up in reno. for us it's going to be a sunny day. it will be a sunny week. in fact, the rest of the month looks sunny and warm here. really does. 56 to start in san francisco, we'll go for a high of 70 balmy degrees today. north-northeast wind really helps the coast and bay and that's what's in place right now. seeing gusts to 30, 35. but warmer patterns starts -- i mean, yesterday, but it will kick in today. take us into friday. there are signs that next monday and tuesday could be warmer. stay tuned. everything is moving into the rockies. more snow there. severe weather for others. high pressure looks like it will be firmmy in place for the west coast. lingering c
that bad. let's go to steve. >> thank you and a very good morning. not as windy today. no, really. there is a little breeze but some of the higher elevations. at the surface things have calmed down. i think we're due. april's been a windy month. sunshine warmer today. fog, sun, fog. friday, saturday. water temps are amazingly cold. 46 to 48. even 53 off santa barbara . that is really cold. it does look warmer sunday, monday, tuesday. forecast models have been way too warm. we do have clear skies. fog is lurking to the north. i'll deal with that tomorrow. i'll throw it out there. sunshine, breeze or component of easterly breeze is still in place. high pressure is here for a while. for all intensive purposes, our rain season is probably done. it will be warmer inland and coast will be 60s. santa cruz running warm. san francisco slightly above average at 65. today we'll go 68. easing into this. temperatures not responding. some are. but it's all wind driven so far. high pressure looks like it's going to kick in and lots of sunshine. boy, has that been a powerhouse. severe weather o
:00, she says lives are at stake. the widow of steve jobs breaks her silence for the first time since his death. the one cause that has her reaching out. >>> extra weight around the middle means extra risk. the disease being linked to that mid-section tummy. >>> and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. an incredible day today. a lot of sunshine and mild weather in walnut creek with 78, 75 in livermore. a little cooler in san jose at 68. if you're headed out to the oakland a's game expect some wind and temperatures in the upper 50s. i'm back with cooler changes in the seven-day in just a few minutes. >>> also president obama takes a hit. we peek in his income taxes to see what they reveal. >>> and tax day is monday. have you filed your taxes? vote by texting or calling 408-300-92222. text 1 for yes, 2 for now or tweet us at nbc bay area. $4 doesn't really buy you much these days, huh? unless you're at denny's. where there are always great choices for four dollars, on the 2$4$6$8 value menu ®. >>> u.s. officials are scrambling to clarify that they do not have proof that
last year and already two. steve byrnes in victory lane for the celebration. >> steve: and what a celebration it is, chris myers. the broom the texas motor speedway. what a creek, kyle. talk about the win tonight. >> dead dee made me my own right there. feels good. oh, man. for interstate batteries and norm miller to be in victory lane in texas none better than putting in right here. and great race car. dave rogers and these guys gave me a great piece today. ran up front all day long. if it wasn't for the pit crew who is the most awesome group ever and for since 2008 we have been together and haven't had any changeover. those guys are just awesome. they pulled out one heck of a stop at the end to put us up front and give us the lead and be able to bring it home. i thank m & ms and toyota and monster energy and sprint. without sprint this wouldn't be a sport. we appreciate them. and, of course, the fans. without them also. >> steve: how important to win the race tonight? >> i'm sorry. >> steve: how important to win the race tonight to you and your team? >> it is good. it is reall
it will be tough driving on those bridges, now let's go to steve. >>> thank you for explaining that, sal. it can be confusing. now the official wind advisory, starts from 11:00 a.m. and guess until 9:00 p.m., and it would not surprise me, it is more of a west northwest breeds and all it takes is that little system and we have very tight pressure north pressure and it doesn't like that so it fills it with wind and this will be the coolest day of the week by a far margin. we will be in the 80s by wednesday. cooler weather kicks in and there has been some very light rain in the sierra nevada but a few flurries up in mt. shaster and morgan hill, san martinez, a little in gilroy and santa cruz as well. most of this does not get picked up by radar. this is a very cool time of the year and so far it is not turning yet but it will later on and that's why the advisory kicks in at 11:00 when the whole front comes through. 37 and there is some cool air in place and 37 in ukiah, we will have some sunny skies and it will be windy and cooler and some very light morning rain but that wind picks up and highs w
to look good all the way into the valley, 5:07 let's go to steve. >>> breezy to windy out there, very mild on most of the lows, this is a wind gusts forecast and i think it is more of a broad brush, not specific to one area but it will be 20 to 25 today, and for all now san jose is saying calm conditions and so is moffett and we will keep it around 20 to 25 and a mild morning and when you get a north, northeast wind we will hold out for a while. there is no sign of rain and once we get a reversal on the wind it will be dealing with fog but until then it is mild for many, san francisco half- moon bay 49, 48 novato, 54 livermore, oakland 56 and here is the reason why, it is the direction of the wind, north wind north wind north wind, i think you get the idea. i expect it to turn more northerly, 22 up in tahoe, redding eureka and ukiah, we get the breeze and 50s and it will be sunny today and windy, sunny for some, coast bay and inland, that means they definitely warm up and i think you will keep it here from the rockies and high pressure and sunshine plenty as we say. >>> we have breaking ne
for joining us, let's check your weather and traffic, steve knows all about your weather. >>> we do have clear skies, temperatures will be warming up starting off in the 40s ending in the 60s and 70s. >>> this morning we have that big crash we have been telling you about, two lanes blocked, the big-rig is involved and our news chopper 2 is involved and looking at a monitor here and you can tell the traffic is just really terrible already leaving the livermore valley at the 680 interchange. and looking at traffic it is moving well. >>> pope frances offered his prayers and several firefighters rushing to the scene hours ago have not been heard from. the company west fertilizer is 20 miles north of waco texas. whopping wong has been following the story in our newsroom, claudine? >> reporter: we have some new information, and a missing law enforcement officer has been found, he is in critical condition and several firefighters are still missing. cell phone video of the explosion that devastated a small town of west texas. the fire broke out first and then you had the explosion, according to the l
cleared up but it's slow from 880 to 238 as you head down to fremont. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. 30s, plenty of 30s. temperatures today will rebound about to near normal. 63, 70, 71. yesterday was a good 5, 10 degrees below average. still breezy, not as windy. a little system up in the sierra nevada. four inches at bridgeport, kirkwood had 6 inches. the system looks like it is almost out of the picture. look at the cloud cover here. where is it going? it's going offshore. there a sign a northeast wind is kicking in. why the difference? not much of a breeze. concord is 40. i saw some upper 30s towards walnut creek. and san jose is at 43. livermore was 41. san rafael, 44. and santa rosa, 44. chilly to cold here. kind of a breeze to -- a little bit more toward the valley. snipe, breezy, warmer. can't get rid of the wind quite yet. average high this year for san francisco, 62. temperatures -- well, really took a dip because the system came in. had two pieces to it. one in the morning, one in the afternoon. chilly in the morning. sunshine, breezy and warmer later today. 60s, mai
of it and at the same time i am excited to introduce steve young and steve is obviously one of the reasons that we are able to win so many games and to win a super bowl, in what year was that? >> 95. >> is it 1995? >> thank you very much. >> [ applause ] >> okay? >> thanks, george. >> it is always good to reunite with him to see him. >> super bowls have a way of defining the careers and a way of defining cities, and you look at the championships that have been here, recently with the giant and obviously with the 49ers back in the mix and the history of the 49ers, we have been associated with the super bowls and it is an association that we really relish. the idea that it would be here in san francisco, makes sense, it is one of the great destinations cities in america we were lacking the physical play at the stadium to do it and now that has been taken care of and i appreciate those efforts. >> they have a way of these big defining moments to build a lot of bridges both daniel and the mayor and george mentioned this is a bridge building effort and i appreciate being associated with that kind of th
on the plains of texas. and our abc steve osunsami is on the soon rig the scene right now with a report. >> reporter: terry, we just left that triage center where authorities are waiting and hoping that as they search this nursing home that was badly destroyed and as they search the apartment building that they are able to perform rescues tonight. there are at least a dozen ambulana.m ambulances there waiting, many medical personnel hoping that they can treat people on the scene. a number of people have been airlifted to local hospitals. we're right now about a mile or two away from the plant and you can see just what the explosion did to windows of businesses nearby. just tore, shattered the windows in some of these businesses. we talked with some of the residents who were as many as 20 and 30 miles away and they say they felt it in their homes. this cell phone video captured the raging fire at the fertilizer plant in west texas. onlookers gathered to watch. and then -- >> i can't hear, i can't hear! get out of here! >> reporter: rock ted by an explosion so powerful it registered a 2.1
? congressman steve cohn tells me he's not embarrassed that cyndi lauper was hot, he says he was "scamming the media." >> i knew putting something out that i deleted that the press would see it and if they could read something into what was an innocent tweet about how hot cyndi lauper was as a performer, it would get the press' attention and it did, in a monster way. >> did the congressman after sparking another furor by tweeting to a long lost daughter have a point? he'll be here. >>> speaking of twitter, anthony weiner granted anguish, rambling, excruseiating series of interviews to "new york times" magazine. >>> plus, is there a war on government whistleblowers? >> i ultimately chose, a made a decision to go to the press. so i shared what was unclassified. anonymously about -- >> the obama administration has been extremely aggressive in trying to root out whistleblowers within the government. >> we'll talk to a filmmaker who says the obama administration is having a chilling effect on the press. i'm howard kurtz and this is "reliable sources." >>> the coverage of gun control was startin
of the marathon, two bombs exploded 15 seconds apart. here is the video captured by the "boston globe's" steve silva. >> the blast killed at least three people and injured more than 150. 8-year-old martin richard is among those who were killed. he was watching the race with his mother, father and sister. >> we are reporting two explosions here. we have police, people with serious injuries. >> there was just families all around us, with kids, yelling and screaming. and we just wanted to try to get away as quick as possible. >> took off down the street. and the police were all running towards the incident and we were running away. >> it was pandemonium. everybody started running and screaming and we saw people bleeding and you know, it was unlike anything i had ever seen before. >> the guy next to me and his wife, she lost her limb and we help him and help her get in an ambulance. it was unspeakable images. that nobody should ever see. and it's contradictory to the spirit of america. >> while law enforcement says no one is in custody. investigators spoke last night to a 20-year-old man on a stud
to reap their property. steve brought to our office this final approved plan and your improvements are greatly appreciated. so that's there. even though not all the neighbors have found this to those a good project it's not the tall it or the most massive building open the street. while they've done their best to fit into the neighborhood it has a 10 to 12 foot ground floor ours is 11 feet. the back space will allow them to have their administrative operation. the bikes will now be transferred between the buildings and also endanger and recycling will be taken place removing it from the beach front sidewalk which is used heavy by tourists. the proximately will allow them to grow their san francisco business. we urge the planning christmas approve that plan unanimously a year ago. i want to briefly say that the previous building code which was what this building was analyzed under we've got other documents that describe this in a positive way. >> do you want to accept that document into the record? >> can i ask you a question? i'd like to hear a little bit more of the impact on th
spoke to steve cooper who was the first television, if not reporter, to connect the dots last night with the shooting of the m.i.t. police officer with the two suspects being the suspect ises number one and two wanted in the marathon bombing. and steve did say earlier, that they believe that this is the second suspect -- suspect is number two. we have steve back on the phone. can you confirm that for us, steve? >> reporter: what i can confirm at this hour, according to a source is what they believe that they've is -- they believe it to be the second suspect in a boat at this location on franklin street. there's a helicopter overhead and the original call that they sieved. they were acting on a tip that someone saw they saw a ladder near the boat and the ladder was not there earlier. they went to the scene and opened fire and held back. and their concern right now is whether or not the person on board the boat has explosives. when i say the person, they are going under the idea that it's suspect number two here that they have been looking for all day. they have a helicopter, they can
should push it. john: thank you congressman t. levin steve forbes and are laugher and those who have pushed from before me. john: we will hear from him later. what i hate even more is the complication. i resent i have to pay bob for the hours he spends doing my tax forms. but i have to because there is no way i could do mine on my own. the federal tax code is 70,000 pages long. 70,000 pages. this is just what the fed does and state and local does more. they all have some purpose to penalize behavior coming anchorage and other but the results is insanity that helps the politically connected. people in the know like me. the tax rules once gave me a free tax -- golf cart because john -- charlie rangel said it was a good thing. >> energy efficient cars such as plugging in a car. >> they could advertise free cars. >> for $6,000 get a $6,000 tax credit. i got this totally free. >> but the taxpayers paid for its. >> and i gave it away. and that credit no longer exists but things like that keep the tax code complicated this is just the income tax. there are sneaky taxes that most of you may
, we have msnbc and "time" magazine senior pliolitical analyst mark halpern and steve rattner and in boston, mike barnicle. in washington, washington anchor for bbc world news america, katty kay. good to have everyone back here in new york as well and mike working around the clock, around the clock in his city of boston. we will start, though, with the latest on the investigation. new details surrounding the explosive used in boston and the two lingering questions who built them and why. nbc has obtained these photos of what remains of a pressure cooker which was used as the delivery device for the explosives. law enforcement sources tell nbc news the bombs were built to act like homemade ieds. sources tell nbc news the bombs included a battery pack and "the boston globe" reports investigators recovered a part of a circuit board at the scene. the bombs were packed with scha shrapnel. the bomb was not capable of creating a massive blast. instead, its main purpose was to maim and injure. photos obtained by whdh in boston showed the area where the bomb was left moments before and
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